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2021 Root Winter Tournament – Round Three

Welcome to round three of the winter tournament!! And this round is going to be a doozy. We have skilled players. We have five player games. This has been chaos but I highly recommend all of the games. Each game has offered a new amount of craziness in every different direction.

Just like before, I wanted to make graphs of of the scores at the end of each players turn. It’s awesome to see each faction climbing up the graph, reaching hard for that 30 points.

So many exciting game which led to some fun stats! Want to see a non-listed statistic? Leave me a comment and I’ll do the best I can!

Game Setup

We did it! We made it through round 3 and we saw every single faction! The Eyrie finally decided to come out of hiding for two of the final games. To my surprise, Keepers in Iron were the least favored faction followed by the Marquise de Cat. We also had five factions that were chosen every time they appeared in the draft! The favorite map of the round was Lake map. I heard there was a pact going on to give lake map some more love.

The above graphs shows the draft results in terms of all the games whether the faction was in the game or not. So, I decided to break out all of the factions based on the games they were actually available.

Game Outcomes

WE GOT A LIZARDS WIN!! I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY!! Anyway, calming down. We have seen a very interesting group of factions winning in round 3. The Woodland alliance got in their obligatory win but we did not see any wins from the new Marauder Factions!

The win rate below looks at the number of wins a faction has verses the numbers of games that faction was played. I’m a little sad to see that the Woodland Alliance still has a 50% win rate.

Win Rate

  • Marquise de Cat – 67%
  • Woodland Alliance – 50%
  • Vagabond – 29%
  • Riverfolk Company – 20%
  • Corvid Conspiracy – 17%
  • Lizard Cult – 17%
  • Underground Duchy – 14%

More Graphs

I was curious about the data on Vagabonds (either by the randomized draft or those chosen in the draft). We did start seeing other vagabonds in the draft, much to my sadness. But we did see a bit of a spread but the Thief and the Tinker were no where to be found.

I also decided to put some graphs together to show if there is any correlation between the map and the factions chosen, or the seat position and the factions chosen. I have not run any statistical tests but there are some factions that lean into certain categories.

Congrats to Our Round Three Winners!

  • MurderSheRoot
  • WalrasLaw
  • OvertheMorrow
  • Phouglas
  • Jermcurry
  • SteveH
  • LinenMaster
  • Thomas
  • Gregoola
  • Weinzy

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