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2021 Root Winter Tournament: Semi-Finals

We have made it through the Semi-Finals!! That was a heck of a weekend! Five games in three days! And one day consisted of eight and a half of streaming!! I am quite excited to make it to the finals but first let’s look back at the semi finals and the journey of some of our finalists.

There are five players in the finals: Rehabescape, Aquaman, OmnixPL, NicoGB, and MurderSheRoot. They have had a interesting ride leading up to the finals with wins using the Corvids, Vagabond, Lord of the Hundreds, Underground Duchy, Keepers in Iron, Marquise de Cat, and Eyrie Dynasty.

Just like before, I wanted to make graphs of of the scores at the end of each players turn. It’s awesome to see each faction climbing up the graph, reaching hard for that 30 points.

So many exciting game which led to some fun stats! Want to see a non-listed statistic? Leave me a comment and I’ll do the best I can!

Game Setup

The Semi-finals showed some interesting faction mixes. I was honestly surprised to see all of the factions made it into the pool. And effectively every faction was played. The Underground Duchy and the Eyrie Dynasty were the ones in the draft the most. In terms of the map, the mountain and winter maps were the only maps to make an appearance.

The above graphs shows the draft results in terms of all the games whether the faction was in the game or not. So, I decided to break out all of the factions based on the games they were actually available.

Game Outcomes

I am surprised that all of the winning factions are red factions, or militant factions. I am more surprised to see that seats 4 and 5 are the major winning seats! It’s pretty crazy to see these strong factions coming along at the end of the game and finishing off the round with a win.

The win rate below looks at the number of wins a faction has verses the numbers of games that faction was played. This doesn’t really show much since there were only five games in the semi-finals.

Win Rate

  • Lord of the Hundreds – 100%
  • Underground Duchy – 50%
  • Marquise de Cat – 33%
  • Eyrie Dynasty – 35%

More Graphs

I was curious about the data on Vagabonds (either by the randomized draft or those chosen in the draft). The theif was the only vagabond that was given a chance. All other Vagabonds were passed over for other factions.

I also decided to put some graphs together to show if there is any correlation between the map and the factions chosen, or the seat position and the factions chosen. I have not run any statistical tests but there are some factions that lean into certain categories.

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