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2021 Root Winter Tournament – Round One

Welcome to round one of the winter tournament!! This post will be updating after every weekend. Check out the 2021 Root Winter Tournament Post for the complete tournament overview! The 2021 Root Winter Tournament uses the AdSet draft so it cannot be directly compared to the previous tournament stats.

We are 22 games into the Root Winter Tournament Round One and we are already seeing some trends! Want to see a non-listed statistic? Leave me a comment and I’ll do the best I can!

Game Setup

I am excited to say that we have already seen every faction in play! It seems that Keepers in Iron, Marquise de Cat, the Lizard Cult, and the Underground Duchy are the least popular. Meanwhile, Eyrie and Lord of the Hundreds have always been chosen if they are in the draft. The Summer map has been dominating the map choice.

The above graphs shows the draft results in terms of all the games whether the faction was in the game or not. So, I decided to break out all of the factions based on the games they were actually available.

Game Outcomes

The Woodland Alliance has finally overtaken the Eyrie as the highest winning faction in both number of wins and win rate. The win rate is calculated by the number of wins by the number of games they have played in. Lord of the Hundreds is also making a strong showing which is very exciting to see one of the new marauders factions doing so well!! And this last weekend saw the Marquise de Cat join the ranks of the winning factions!

Win Rate

  • Woodland Alliance – 56%
  • Eyrie Dynasty – 50%
  • Lord of the Hundreds – 30%
  • Riverfolk Company – 29%
  • Marquise de Cat – 25%
  • Keepers in Iron – 20%
  • Underground Duchy – 15%
  • Vagabond – 15%
  • Corvid Conspiracy – 13%

I finally have enough data to show the popular Vagabonds (either by the randomized draft or those chosen in the draft). The thief has been very popular as it is the one seen most in the draft and it is currently the only vagabond who has won any games.

I also decided to put some graphs together to show if there is any correlation between the map and the factions chosen, or the seat position and the factions chosen. I have not run any statistical tests but there are some factions that lean into certain categories.

Congrats to Our Round One Winners!

  • Rehabescape
  • Luke
  • NicoGB
  • Demonik
  • Ccoyote
  • Aquaman
  • Lord of the Board
  • Trenzelore
  • Skwidmark
  • Granatapfelsafttrinker
  • Allen
  • LinenMaster
  • Jaik
  • Outis
  • Honsou
  • OmnixPL
  • Salo Solomon
  • Jermcurry
  • Katare
  • JrBacon
  • PurplePotato
  • Loveshard

4 thoughts on “2021 Root Winter Tournament – Round One”

  1. Thank you Lily – fascinating stats even at this early stage. The most interesting results are the wins related to seat location and the factions not chosen. All but one of these discarded factions are not represented digitally which may reflect the preferences and experience of digital players in the tournament. I predict that the Lord of the Hundreds will come to dominate the games as players become more familiar with the faction.

    1. Completely agree! But I also think Lizards are a tough faction to play in a tournament so I’m no totally surprised to see them get sidelined. Still makes me sad though 😥

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