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2021 Root Winter Tournament – Round Two

Welcome to round two of the winter tournament!! We got off to a shaky start this year but now that everything is back on track, let’s do some stats! Check out the 2021 Root Winter Tournament post for the complete tournament overview! The 2021 Root Winter Tournament uses the modified AdSet draft so it cannot be directly compared to the previous tournament stats.

We’ve made it through round two and some very interesting things have happen; including the longest game by round in any tournament! I am also now tracking scores round by round and these graph are looking gorgeous 😍

So many exciting game which led to some fun stats! Want to see a non-listed statistic? Leave me a comment and I’ll do the best I can!

Game Setup

We have made it through round two and we saw some interesting trends. The Vagabond was the most chosen faction in the draft and the the second vagabond was the least chosen faction. We saw a good distribution of factions but the Riverfolk Expansion was the hardest to find in this round. The Marquise de Cat was the least loved function, followed by the Vagabond and the Keepers in Iron. Ya’ll the Vagabond was in the draft so often. Twenty four out of Thirty Two games. That’s 75%! The Mountain Map has become the new favorite as it was played 50% of the time. Lake map got the least amount of love.

The above graphs shows the draft results in terms of all the games whether the faction was in the game or not. So, I decided to break out all of the factions based on the games they were actually available. The factions are relatively even except for the Vagabonds, the Lizard Cult, and the Riverfolk Company.

Game Outcomes

I am so disappointed. So very very disappointed. HOW DID LIZARDS NOT WIN A WINGLE GAME?!?! Honestly, they weren’t really there but I’m still sad to see that Lizards never made it to the leder board during the entire round. To my surprise, seat 1 and seat 4 were the higher winning seats. This goes against my instinct that seat 2 and 3 would be better positions.

The win rate below looks at the number of wins a faction has verses the numbers of games that faction was played. The woodland Alliance had a pretty low win rate for the second round.

Win Rate

  • Second Vagabond – 50%
  • Lord of the Hundreds – 50%
  • Underground Duchy – 43%
  • Eyrie Dynasty – 36%
  • Woodland Alliance – 27%
  • Keepers in Iron – 18%
  • Corvid Conspiracy – 18%
  • Vagabond – 16%
  • Riverfolk Company – 11%
  • Marquise de Cat – 9%
  • Lizard Cult – 0%

More Graphs

I was curious about the data on Vagabonds (either by the randomized draft or those chosen in the draft). All of the Vagabonds have all made an appearance!

I also decided to put some graphs together to show if there is any correlation between the map and the factions chosen, or the seat position and the factions chosen. I have not run any statistical tests but there are some factions that lean into certain categories.

And here we have some new graphs! Below is a slide show for the factions ending score for each game they were in. The [D] group at the end of the chart denotes the faction played a dominance card. As of this moment, we have not seen any wins through dominance.

Some other statistics that I thought would be interesting is looking at each faction and who they are likely to play against, who they are likely to win against, and who they are likely to win without.

Congrats to Our Round Two Winners!

  • Rehabescape
  • NicoGB
  • skwidmark
  • Loveshard
  • OmnixPL
  • Thomas
  • Rk9
  • Esoteric
  • Purrmastuck
  • Purplelite
  • DarthCaboose
  • Batmaster
  • North Abbot
  • OvertheMorrow
  • Decoy
  • FrancisS
  • Aquaman
  • Gregoola
  • WalrasLaw
  • NitroRev
  • MurderSheRoot
  • Nhojm
  • Weinzy
  • Rosado
  • Omegaknight
  • Luke
  • Honsou
  • Bodison
  • TheHatintheCat
  • Katare
  • Fajfar
  • Humberto

Download Round Two Data

5 thoughts on “2021 Root Winter Tournament – Round Two”

  1. What a neat look at the stats. I’m glad you’re tracking everything. I think it would be interesting to plot the average points per round for each of the factions. This would give some idea of how long it takes for each faction to come online and which factions to look out for even if they are languishing. I imagine the Cats would have higher early point totals but would be vastly outstripped by the WA and Corvid in the late game.

  2. Could you provide a link to Download the Data (the excel sheet) from Round 2 like what was provided for Round 1? I have built a ML predictor model off the Round 1 data and it would be very useful to have access to the Round 2 data as well to better train the model. Thanks!

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