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Root Winter Tournament Results

The Root Winter Tournament in underway! This post contains all the of the results and statistics from the tournament and will be updated as the Tournament continues. The Overall Results are listed first, followed by the break down of each round and ending with the raw data from each set.

Overall Results

Faction Ranking (Calculated as Number of Wins/Numbers of Plays) is:

Riverfolk Company46%
Woodland Alliance44%
Marquise de Cat30%
Underground Duchy29%
Eyrie Dynasties29%
Lizard Cult21%
Corvid Conspiracy0%

Overview of Total Scores

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Round Four

We have made it to the semi-finals! Congrats to our semi-finalists: Weinzy, Kyle Werntz, Kheblin, Phily, Marcus the Cat, Conpetis, Russano the Wise, Shoecrown, edu, ajpl, Ancient Slumber, Waterman121, Bott_Bott, Haze, circvs, and Jermcurry!

One more game to go! The finals are on the horizon. Congrats to our finalists: Waterman121, Ancient Slumber, Russano the Wise and Phily!

Semi-Finals & Finals

Congrats to our Tournament Winner: Phily!!

Raw Data

Round One

GameMapDeckUnpicked FactionPlayer/Factions/ScoreWinner(s)
1MountainE&PCorvid ConspiracyKyle Werntz/Marquise de Cat/30
postis/Underground Duchy/21
Hi Im Ati/Eyrie Dynasties/23
Growlax/Woodland Alliance/25
Kyle Werntz / Marquise de Cat
2LakeE&PWoodland AllianceLilyG/Eyrie Dynasties/18
Phily/Marquise de Cat/30
Phily / Marquise de Cat
Phouglas / Vagabond
3MountainStandardWoodland Allianceajpl/Vagabond/C
Conpetis/Marquise de Cat/30
Marcus the Cat/Underground Duchy/22
Drew / Vagabond
Billy / Vagabond
Conpetis / Marquise de Cat
4MountainE&PUnderground DuchyJustin K./Corvid Conspiracy/22
jermcurry/Riverfolk Company/25
Haze/Marquise de Cat/30
Commando Monkey/Eyrie Dynasties/21
Haze/Marquise de Cat
5WinterE&PMarquise de CatCircvs/Woodland Alliance/30
Nevakanezah/Corvid Conspiracy/25
Carlos/Underground Duchy/21
Reality/Eyrie Dynasties/15
Circvs/Woodland Alliance
6LakeE&PWoodland AllianceBott_bott/Corvid Conspiracy/27
Ancient Slumber/Underground Duchy/30
Shoecrown/Marquise de Cat/19
Mesonotyou/Eyrie Dynasties/16
Ancient Slumber/Underground Duchy
7AutumnStandardUnderground DuchyRodney/Marquise de Cat/21
Weinzey/Woodland Alliance/30
Shair/Eyrie Dynasties/15
Weinzey/Woodland Alliance 
8AutumnE&PMarquise de CatWaterman121/Vagabond/C
Kheblin/Woodland Alliance/30
Russano the Wise/Underground Duchy/22
Khenblin/Woodland Alliance

Round Two

GameMapDeckUnpicked FactionPlayer/Factions/ScoreWinner(s)
1MountainE&PEyrie DynastyWeinzey/Corvid Conspiracy/28
Kheblin/Riverfolk Company/30
Phily/Underground Duchy/28
Circvs/Marquise de Cat/24
Kheblin/Riverfolk Company
2WinterE&PUnderground DuchyAncient Slumber/Vagabond/27
Conpetis/Marquise de Cat/15
Haze/Corvid Conspiracy/16
Kyle Werntz/Lizard Cult/30
Kyle Werntz/Lizard Cult
3LakeE&PUnderground DuchyLilyG/Lizard Cult/19
Nevakanezah/Marquise de Cat/21
Russano the Wise/Eyrie Dynasties/30
Waterman121/Woodland Alliance/7
Russano the Wise/Eyrie Dynasties
4AutumnE&PUnderground Duchyedu/Marquise de Cat/30
Billy/Riverfolk Company/27
Justin K./Corvid Conspiracy/13
GuerricS/Woodland Alliance/28
edu/Marquise de Cat 
5WinterE&PLizard CultBott_Bott/Eyrie Dynasties/30
Hi Im Ati/Underground Duchy/26
Rodney Rumble/Corvid Conspiracy/23
Bott_Bott/Eyrie Dynasties
6AutumnE&P2nd Vagabond Thextera/Underground Duchy/29
Postis/Riverfolk Company/27
MarcustheCat/Eyrie Dynasties/30
MarcustheCat/Eyrie Dynasties
7LakeE&PCommandoMonkey/Lizard Cult/22
Reality/Marquise de Cat/23
Shoecrown/Underground Duchy/30
Growlax/Eyrie Dynasties/15
Showcrown/Underground Duchy 
8MountainE&PMarquise de Catajpl/Vagabond/22
Phouglas/Underground Duchy/28
Jermcurry/Corvid Conspiracy/19
Carlos/Eyrie Dynasties/30
Carlos/Eyrie Dynasties

Round Three

GameMapDeckUnpicked FactionPlayer/Factions/ScoreWinner(s)
1WinterE&PUnderground DuchyKheblin/Marquise de Cat/26
Kyle Werntz/Vagabond/C
Bott_Bott/Lizard Cult/25
MarcustheCat/Eyrie Dynasties/30
MarcustheCat/Eyrie Dynasties
Kyle Werntz/Vagabond
2LakeE&PEyrie DynastiesShair and Shair/Corvid Conspiracy/23
edu/Riverfolk Company/23
Haze/Lizard Cult/26
Shoecrown/Underground Duchy/30
Shoecrown/Underground Duchy
3WinterE&PLizard Cultajpl/Marquise de Cat/25
Phily/Woodland Alliance/30
Russano the Wise /Underground Duchy/19
Phily/Woodland Alliance
4WinterE&PWoodland AllianceCardinal Billy/Riverfolk Company/18
Weinzey/Lizard Cult/30
Carlos /Eyrie Dynasties/23
Phouglas/Underground Duchy/28
Weinzey/Lizard Cult
5LakeE&PMarquise de CatConpetis/Corvid Conspiracy/3
circvs/Woodland Alliance/14
Jermcurry/Eyrie Dynasties/30
Jermcurry/Eyrie Dynasties 
6LakeE&PMarquise de CatRodneyrumble/Eyrie Dynasties/13
Nevakanezah/Riverfolk Company/16
CommandoMonkey/Woodland Alliance/30
postis/Underground Duchy/23
CommandoMonkey/Woodland Alliance
7AutumnE&PEyrie DynastiesGuerricS/Woodland Alliance/30
Growlax/Underground Duchy/28
Thextera /Marquise de Cat/21
Andromeda/Lizard Cult/24
 GuerricS/Woodland Alliance
8AutumnE&PWoodland AllianceJustin K. /Riverfolk Company/30
Hi Im Ati/Marquise de Cat/14
Reality /Eyrie Dynasties/13
Justin K. /Riverfolk Company

Round Four

GameMapDeckUnpicked FactionPlayer/Factions/ScoreWinner(s)
1LakeE&PWoodland AllianceKyle Werntz/Lizard Cult/18
Phily/Marquise de Cat/14
Weinzey/Underground Duchy/30
Weinzey/Underground Duchy 
2AutumnE&PCorvid ConspiracyMarcustheCat/Marquise de Cat/26
Shoecrown/Lizard Cult/15
AncientSlumber/Eyrie Dynasties/22
Conpetis/Riverfolk Company/30
Conpetis/Riverfolk Company
3WinterE&PEyrie DynastiesHaze/Marquise de Cat/27
edu/Underground Duchy/30
Bott_Bott/Riverfolk Company/24
circvs/Woodland Alliance/23
edu/Underground Duchy
4AutumnE&PRiverfolk CompanyRussano the Wise /Woodland Alliance/30
Jermcurry/Eyrie Dynasties/24
Carlos /Marquise de Cat/23
Justin K. /Lizard Cult/17
Russano the Wise/Woodland Alliance
5WinterE&PMarquise de CatGuerricS/Lizard Cult/25
CommandoMonkey/Eyrie Dynasties/D
ajpl/Riverfolk Company/30
Cardinal Billy/Underground Duchy/22
ajpl/Riverfolk Company 
6LakeE&PLizard CultShair and Shair/Woodland Alliance/29
Phouglas/Marquise de Cat/29
Waterman121/Underground Duchy/30
Thextera /Eyrie Dynasties/26
Waterman121/Underground Duchy 
7WinterE&PLizard Cultpostis/Underground Duchy/21
Growlax/Woodland Alliance/24
Reality /Marquise de Cat/30
Reality/Marquise de Cat
8LakeE&PMarquise de CatHi Im Ati/Eyrie Dynasties/28
Andromeda/Riverfolk Company/30
Nevakanezah/Corvid Conspiracy/23
LilyG/Lizard Cult/26
Andromeda/Riverfolk Company 

Semi-Finals & Finals

GameMapDeckUnpicked FactionPlayer/Factions/ScoreWinner(s)
1AutumnE&PMarquise de CatBott_Bott/Woodland Alliance/18
Russano the Wise /Lizard Cult/30
edu/Underground Duchy/28
Kyle Werntz/Eyrie Dynasties/29
Russano the Wise/Lizard Cult
2WinterE&PEyrie DynastiesKheblin/Woodland Alliance/20
Haze/Marquise de Cat/-2
AncientSlumber/Underground Duchy/30
circvs/Lizard Cult/20
AnceintSlumber/Underground Duchy
3MountainE&PLizard CultShoecrown/Riverfolk Company/23
Conpetis/Eyrie Dynasties/26
Waterman121/Marquise de Cat/30
MarcustheCat/Underground Duchy/29
Waterman121/Marquise de Cat
4LakeE&PRiverfolk CompanyPhily/Eyrie Dynasties/30
Jermcurry/Corvid Conspiracy/24
ajpl/Underground Duchy/22
Phily/Eyrie Dynasties
FinalsAutumnStandardCorvid ConspiracyRussano the Wise /Lizard Cult/23
Waterman121/Eyrie Dynasties/19
Phily/Riverfolk Company/30
AncientSlumber/Underground Duchy/19
Phily/Riverfolk Company

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