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SCPT Root Patreon Tournament Stats

The Space Cats Peace Turtles (SCPT) Root Patreon Tournament in underway! The main round of the tournament will be held January 9th to January 31st. There are 64 participants with 16 games in the preliminary rounds (2 games every Saturday and Sunday)!

The semi-finals will be held February 5th to the 13th. The final game will be held February 20th. Below are the stats from the tournament! Check out Space Cats Peace Turtles twitch to watch the games live! Or catch up on any of the games on Space Cats Peace Turtles YouTube!

Also check out the Tournament Stats page to see the stats from other tournaments! Or check out The Woodland for most posts on Root!


Win Rate

Riverfolk Company42%
Lizard Cult38%
Corvid Conspiracy33%
Eyrie Dynasty24%
Woodland Alliance17%
Underground Duchy15%
Marquise de Cat0%


Win Rate

Riverfolk Company63%
Lizard Cult33%
Corvid Conspiracy33%
Eyrie Dynasty23%
Woodland Alliance18%
Underground Duchy10%
Marquise de Cat0%

Raw Data


GamePlayerUnchosed FactionMapDeckWinner
1Waterman121/Eyrie Dynasty/30
susan/Woodland Alliance/18
sushirito/Underground Duchy/17
proteininja/Lizard Cult/D
Marquise de CatWinterStandardWaterman121
rodneyrumble/Riverfolk Company/30
Brain/Eyrie Dynasty/23
karsmars/Corvid Conspiracy/28
Underground DuchyAutumnE&PGalen
3agundlachi/Riverfolk Company/30
Grand Admiral Pink/Woodland Alliance/15
spilgrim/Underground Duchy/27
Jol Nar binks/Eyrie Dynasty/21
Lizard CultWinterE&Pagundlachi
4Treefense/Marquise de Cat/23
SqueamishEmu/Underground Duchy/25
Wekker/Lizard Cult/28
Woodland AllianceLakeStandardteej
5mchezrutt/Woodland Alliance/18
Kheblin/Eyrie Dynasty/30
bott_bott/Riverfolk Company/20
The Wild Hunt/Underground Duchy/26
Corvid ConspiracyAutumnE&PKheblin
6CraikenGames/Marquise de Cat/25
SteeliestFlea/Woodland Alliance/25
Leonjong/Riverfolk Company/30
Underground DuchyAutumnE&PLeonjong
7iamcrazyjoe/Woodland Alliance/18
godwilla/Underground Duchy/19
postis/Lizard Cult/23
Marquise de CatWinterE&PMartozar
8carnivorousflower/Lizard Cult/30
Growlax/Eyrie Dynasty/15
CandleJack/Marquise de Cat/19
GuerricS/Underground Duchy/29
Riverfolk CompanyWinterE&Pcarnivorousflower
9Corwin/Riverfolk Company/30
Shorty55/Eyrie Dynasty/D
JackBauerPwrHouse/Underground Duchy/19
Fingolfin/Woodland Alliance/17
Corvid ConspiracyMountainE&PCorwin
10Phouglas/Lizard Cult/30
headhunter1898/Riverfolk Company/18
Brave Sir Robin/Eyrie Dynasty/20
TotallyCalculating/Marquise de Cat/D
Underground DuchyWinterE&PPhouglas
11jdk26/Underground Duchy/29
knpas/Eyrie Dynasty/24
LilyG/Woodland Alliance/30
Wysper/Marquise de Cat/16
Corvid ConspiracyAutumnE&PLilyG
12Rumplefatch/Riverfolk Company/30
Robofish/Underground Duchy/24
Toast_AUS/Eyrie Dynasty/19
VisorJon/Woodland Alliance/23
Corvid ConspiracyAutumnE&PRumplefatch
13MurderSheRoot/Underground Duchy/30
Mangofeet/Corvid Conspiracy/22
BeBop/Eyrie Dynasty/17
Second VagabondLakeE&PMurderSheRoot
14Esoteric/Woodland Alliance/16
Bort/Marquise de Cat/17
Sadpanda008/Lizard Cult/22
Humble Checkmate/Eyrie Dynasty/30
Underground DuchyAutumnE&PHumble Checkmate
15ajpl/Marquise de Cat/25
Holytispoon/Woodland Alliance/18
CatJumpOnKeyboard/Eyrie Dynasty/20
Furret/Corvid Conspiracy/30
Riverfolk CompanyWinterE&PFurret
16corey.small20/Eyrie Dynasty/22
astaldaran/Marquise de Cat/24
ORJBill/Woodland Alliance/30
majoturc/Riverfolk Company/25
Lizard CultMountainE&PORJBill


1Rumplefatch/Eyrie Dynasty/29
waterman121/Woodland Alliance/19
ORJ Bill/Vagabond/30
Martozar/Lizard Cult/27
Marquise de CatAutumnE&PORJBill
2Furret/Eyrie Dynasty/27
agundlachi/Riverfolk Company/19
teej/Marquise de Cat/25
Humble Checkmate/Vagabond/30
Lizard CultLakeE&PHumble Checkmate
3MurderSheRoot/Eyrie Dynasty/29
Kheblin/Riverfolk Company/24
rodneyrumble/Underground Duchy/27
LilyG/Lizard Cult/30
Corvid ConspiracyAutumnE&PLilyG
4Corwin/Underground Duchy/30
Phouglas/Woodland Alliance/23
carnivorousflower/Riverfolk Company/29
LeonJong/Marquise de Cat/23
Corvid ConspiracyMountainE&PCorwin


Humble Checkmate/Riverfolk Company/28
LilyG/Eyrie Dynasty/30
Corwin/Marquise de Cat/22
Corvid ConspiracyMountainE&PLilyG

Look! I won 🙂

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