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Root Tournament – Overall Statistics

Take control of the forest and fight for control through various asymmetric factions.

Total Game Play: 1 – 2 hours

Designer(s): Cole Wehrle

Artist(s): Kyle Ferrin

Publisher: Leder Games

Root: A game of Woodland Might and Right has a very special place in my heart. The intense, battle of a game that hides behind the cutest of animal designs. This game is the only tournament style game that I have ever played in.

With a new drafting systems for tournaments coming out in the latest expansion, I thought now would be a good time to look at the overall statistics for the tournaments played thus far. These tournaments were done by the plus-one draft style.

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Tournament Overview

Over the course of almost sixty games, we saw a win from all of the factions. If we look just at the the number of wins, we can see that Riverfolk Company and Eyrie Dynasty have the same amount of wins. But!

The Result graph shows how often a faction won when played. In this, the Riverfolk Company soared about the rest winning 44% of the time they were played. This was followed by the Vagabond at 43%, the Woodland Alliance at 31%, the Lizard Cult and Eyrie Dynasty at 27%, the Underground Duchy at 25%, the Marquise de Cat at 21% and the Corvid Conspiracy at 7%.

Game Setup

During the plus-one draft, the number of factions available to choose from is one more than the number of players. The reach system from Leder games was use to determine a satisfactory mix. This means if there were 4 players, the five faction would have a reach of 17 no matter which four factions were chosen. This is reflected pretty well in the factions available chart as Marquise de Cat, Underground Duchy and Eyrie Dynasty have the highest reach out of the factions.

Since four of the factions were chosen and one faction was always left out, it was interesting to see which factions were popular and which ones weren’t. I will admit, I was sad to see the vagabond 100% choice rate. No one ever passed on the vagabond (not even me…). The Eyrie dynasty was the second most popular being chosen 91% of the time it was available. I will admit, I was a little surprised by this one, I did not expect the Eyrie to be the most popular high reach faction. The Riverfolk Company was chosen 86% of the time, the Woodland Alliance was chosen 81% of the time, the Underground Duchy was chosen 78% of the time, the Marquise de Cat was chosen 76% of the time, the Lizard Cult was chosen 73% of the time (this number is clearly way lower than it should be), the Second Vagabond was chosen 67% of the time and the Corvid Conspiracy was chosen 60%.

The maps and deck were also chosen by the players, and of course there are some who wanted to play Standard but most stuck with the Exiles and Partisan deck. Autumn proved to be the most popular map but Winter was a close second (another surprise for me).

The main two vagabonds we saw in tournament play were the Tinker and the Harrier. Because they are top tier vagabonds.

VP Breakdown

The graph below shows the victory points scores over all of the games. These are all the scores and the scores by the sitting position. A -1 score indicates a coalition was used, a -2 score indicates a dominance card was played.

VP Per Faction

The graph below shows the victory points scores over all of the gamer depending on the faction used. A -1 score indicates a coalition was used, a -2 score indicates a dominance card was played.

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