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Two Player Highlight: Consentacle

February seemed like a good time to do a string of posts highlighting different two player games! Being stuck inside during a pandemic has expanded the search for games that have less players. And, since this month is supposed to be romantic, what better way to celebrate than exploring the theme of consent through board games??

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The second game in this series will be Consentacle! This is a game about exploring consent and trust as you and your partner help this alien and human relationship. This game does not shy away from sexuality and satisfaction within a relationship. The main reoccurring loop of the game is to gain trust, place that trust in the shared pool and then turn that trust into satisfaction.

I adore how this game uses the box as the game board. The intimacy’s pool (or shared trust pool) is placed central to the game play area. The fact that this pool is the back of the box adds good visual difference for the game. The height adds a fun dimension. Each player gets a deck of their own, either they will play a DUP the alien or KIT the human.

On each turn, both players will choose a card to play and reveal the card simultaneously. If you and your partner have matching cards, then you get the combo action on the bottom of the card! If not, well you still get the top action which isn’t as good.

This game is all about coordination and communication. Find it too easy to tell your partner your ever move? Then hike up the difficult! This game ramps up by making communication harder and harder until you’re wearing suits and sunglasses in full silence.

Just like relationships, this game is all about communication and coordination. Remember that when you match up with you partner, the satisfaction and trust in the relationship will be all the greater!

While this game does have the base deck game, kinks can also be added to give the game a bit more spice. These cards are either one time uses or persisting effects that can have repeating triggers. Again, these cards are able to help strengthen you trust and satisfaction pools although there often is a trade off!

Satisfaction is how you can tell the outcome at the end of the game. By looking at the satisfaction on both sides, you can see how the intimate encounter felt for both people. Was it just kind of… okay? Or did you collapse the fabric of time and space? Since each side gathers there own satisfaction tokens, it’s possible for one side to be more satisfied with the encounter than the other. Are you the type to give up your satisfaction? To take it? Or perhaps its equal!

This game really encompasses the Valentines day feeling as it embodies the importance of trust and satisfaction in a relationship. As well as consent which is of major importance in every relationship!

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