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Stationfall Stats

Stationfall is a game of hidden identities, secret relationships and asymmetric goals. Players are given two character cards at the beginning of the game – one will be their main character and one will be their secondary character.

And I was really curious about the choices people have made in our games and the popular winning character. As well as the unloved characters. This only covers about 12 games (all of which can be found on the MCG YouTube Channel or the Guerric Samples Games YouTube Channel). I’m very excited to see the results and watch the game stats change as more and more games get played!

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Characters Vs Characters

One of the things that is very easy to miss on Table Top Simulator (which is currently the only way to the play the game), is that not all characters in play will be dealt out to players. This is completely based on randomness and luck for the character to be in the game but not make it to the players hand.

Something that interested me was what character people chose to play versus what character people decided were not for them. The most popular player character was the Cyborg. I was a little surprised by this one. The Cyborg is one of the more aggressive characters in the game that promotes conflict and murder. I have always assumed that people like avoiding conflict (and murder) but Stationfall is a game that really encourages the chaotic side of a person.

But the second most popular character was a tie between the Digital Assistant and the Astrochimp. I can understand the appeal of the Astrochimp (who doesn’t want to collect all the shiny things) but the Digital Assistant is a very interesting choice. The biggest reason I’m surprised by the digital assistant is that it is a character that cannot move on it’s own. It’s a character that relies on other people to move and fulfill its’ goals.

There isn’t a obvious favorite for a secondary character. I don’t think secondary goals are taken into as much consideration when choosing a character in comparison with the primary goals. That being said, the Security Robot, the Inspector, and the Consort are starting to be the favorites for not being chosen as primary characters.

Despite the Cyborg being the most popular character, the Microbiologist and the Inspector have the most wins out of the winning characters. The Inspector being a character that has a high winning rate is kind of hilarious since it also is a popular choice for a secondary character.

Characters Across Games

While it’s interesting to compare character to other characters, I also like to look at characters based on all of the games they are in.

The chart to the right looks at how many times a character was chosen to be the player character in the games they were in. The most popular character was the Microbiologist while the least popular was the Botanist and Maintenance Clones. (The drones don’t actually count because they cannot be a player character).

I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a character that was always relegated to being the secondary character. This doesn’t account for characters not chosen to be in the game but for the most part, we don’t have a fan favorite, or least favorite as the case may be.

This chart shows how often a character will win if they are in the game. This is only from a small set of games so there is going to be a lot of growth in the future! I’m looking forward to a win with the Telepathic Rat!

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