Painting Fondant

Fondant is the perfect canvas for painting- but it requires a special type of paint to stick to the surface

When I was researching painting fondant, I did not find much information on the process. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places but I figured it couldn’t hurt to have one more place to find out how to paint fondant with items around the house. There are commercially made paints that can be purchased but I wanted to use the food gel that I already had. Luckily I was able to figure it out!


To paint the fondant, the main ingredients you’ll need is food gel or food coloring and vodka. For tools, it’s good to have paintbrushes that are dedicated for handling food. Seems simple enough, right?



Painting with Color

What I ended up discovering on my adventures is that painting with food gel and vodka is akin to painting with watercolor paint and water. The vodka is able to thin out the food gel and allow it to act like paint.

The biggest thing I want to impress is that a little food gel goes a long way. It can be easy to use too much food gel which will cause the paint to get a bit clumpy and will take a longer time to dry.


Why Use Vodka?

At this point, some of you might be asking why I used vodka for this step. That is because vodka quickly evaporates and causes the gel to harden in it’s thinned out state. Because of this, I would recommend using a higher proof vodka when possible. I had to use a lower proof vodka (that also have a lime flavoring) so it was slower to evaporate. And, luckily, the flavoring was not noticeable.

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