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Multi-Color Epoxy Candle Holder

Epoxy is a great canvas for creating something out of nothing with all the color options.

Total Project Time: 24 hours

It’s been a while so let’s do an epoxy project! I was curious what would happen if I mixed a bunch of colored epoxy together when it was still in its liquid form. There are so many beautiful projects that have layers of different colors but I’m fairly confident this was done by waiting for the epoxy to cure between each layer. I do not have that patience, so I was curious to see what would happen if I missed everything in one pour.

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For this project I needed the following supplies:

  • Clear Epoxy Resin (Part A and Part B)
  • Epoxy Colorings (Red, Orange, Yellow, Cyan, and Purple)
  • Small Dixie Cups
  • Mold



Creating Colors

The first step for this project was putting all the colors into their own individual cups. I split the epoxy after mixing the part A and part B together. It was easier to make sure everything was easily mixed by doing it in a large batch and the splitting it up rather than doing it in several small batches. I added a few drops of dye into each cup and mixed thoroughly to make sure the color spread through all of the epoxy.


Pouring the Epoxy

Pouring the colors into the mold was something I had to think about before doing. I wanted the final project to be akin to a rainbow, so I started with red. I poured the red epoxy mix into the mold until I was satisfied with the space it took up. Next was orange. Then Yellow. Cyan. Purple. I did this more by feel than by measurement. Just after it was poured, the colors remained separated.



The last step was demolding and seeing the final product! I highly recommend using a silicone mold because it makes demolding so much easier than anything else I’ve used.


So, unfortunately, the red dye seemed to overtake a lot of the other colors in the finished product. But one cool thing that came out of this is the random spikes of colors than appeared throughout each of the spikes. It was hard to capture on camera, but the visible color in the candle holder changed depending on how I oriented it in the light. I love the way this looks and I definitely want to try this technique again.

Quick Recipe


  • Mix Part A and B epoxy as directed by the instructions.
  • Separate the epoxy mixture into separate cups. Color each cup as desired.
  • Pour epoxy color mixtures into mold.
  • Allow to cure. Demold.

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