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Reading Rulebooks Episode Two – Wingspan

Reading Rulebooks is a podcast dedicated to reading through rulebooks and teaching games! In this podcast I directly read the rulebook as well as discuss the game and try to clear up potential areas of confusion.

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This week we are going to cover the rules for Wingspan. Wingspan is a game designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and is illustrated by Natalia Rajas, Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sabel. The game is published by Stonemaier Games. Expansions include The European Expansion and the Oceania Expansion.


00:00 Introduction

01:42 Setup

03:28 Swift-Start Guides

04:30 Overview

07:02 The Four Actions: Option 1. Play a Bird from Your Hand

09:39 The Four Actions: Option 2. Gain Food and Activate Forest Bird Powers

12:09 The Four Actions: Option 3. Lag Eggs and Activate Grassland Bird Powers

14:38 The Four Actions: Option 4. Draw Cards and Activate Wetland Bird Powers

16:21 Bird Powers

18:11 End of the Round

20:51 Bonus Cards

21:14 Final Thoughts

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