Reading Rulebooks

Reading Rulebooks Episode Four – Obsession

Reading Rulebooks is a podcast dedicated to reading through rulebooks and teaching games! In this podcast I directly read the rulebook as well as discuss the game and try to clear up potential areas of confusion.

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This week we are going to cover the rules for Obsession. Obsession is a game by Dan Hallagan, with the art done by Dan Hallagan and published by Kayenta Games. Expansions include The Wessex Expansion, Promotion Cards, Upstairs/Downstairs, Promotional tiles, and the Useful box.

This is one of my longer episodes but that is not because the game is difficult. The rulebook is extremely thorough in exploring every detail and potential scenario.


00:00 Introduction

02:43 Components

03:58 Player Area Set Up

08:11 Central Play Area Set Up

13:26 Goal of the Game

15:41 Flow of the Game

21:15 Builders Market Reserve & Round Track

23:32 Playing the Game

50:21 Special Actions

52:26 Passing

53:28 Courtship

58:21 End Game Scoring

1:01:43 Thematic Background of Favors

1:06:39 FAQ Index

1:07:16 MCG Thoughts

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