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Reading Rulebooks Episode Seven – Food Chain Magnate

Reading Rulebooks is a podcast dedicated to reading through rulebooks and teaching games! In this podcast I directly read the rulebook as well as discuss the game and try to clear up potential areas of confusion.

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This week we are going to cover the rules for Food Chain Magnate. Food Chain Magnate is a game designed by Joroen Doumen and Joris Wiersinga. It is illustrated by Iris de Haan and Ynze Moedt. The game is published by Splotter Spellen. Expansions include Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas (2019).


00:00 MCG Intro & Components

02:39 Introducing the Game

05:07 Setting Up

08:42 Phase by Phase

                08:42 Phase 1: Restructuring

                11:01 Phase 2: Order of Business

                12:01 Phase 3: Working 9:00-5:00

                24:18 Phase 4: Dinnertime

                31:18 Phase 5: Payday                  

                33:01 Phase 6: Marketing Campaigns

                35:50 Phase 7: Cleanup

36:39 Milestones

45:04 Introductory Game

45:57 Strategy Guide

47:36 MCG Thoughts

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