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Cardboard Box Revamp

Cardboard Boxes have so many great uses! But why not make them pretty and use them for even more?

Total Project Time: 1 hour

Originally, I had a different post scheduled for this week. But as I was putting together the staging for the final photo, I realized, I don’t like the container one bit. Now sure, I could have found a different container that was suitable. I’m sure there are plenty all over the house. But that’s not my style. Instead, I looked at the cardboard box and decided that it could look prettier.

So, this week, I’m decorating a cardboard box to make it into a beautiful piece that can work as organization or in a staged photo.

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There aren’t many supplies needed for this project. I decided to use the following:

  • A cardboard box (of course)
  • Fabric to cover the boxes surface
  • Twine
  • Painters Tape or something similar
  • Hot Glue
  • A Metal Ruler or something similar
  • Grommets (Optional)
  • Paper Cardstock, the size of the box



Prepping the Box

Before I began to transform this box, I had to make sure the box itself was in good working condition. Firstly, I had to prep the edges. I decided to cut off the flaps on top to give the box. This gave the box the shape I wanted.

Then, I taped down the flaps on the inside to prevent them from lifting when all is said and done. I noticed that there was still a gap in the bottom of the box after the flaps had been taped down. To remove this gap, I up a part off of the flaps that were previously removed to fill the space. I just held this in with tape as it seemed the easiest option.


Wrapping the Cloth

The next step for this project is wrapping cloth around the outside of the box. I decided not to cover the bottom (inside) of the box for this step, but it is doable. Starting on an edge, I tucked the fabric into one edge of the box, cutting along the box seams to held dictate where the fabric should go.

To attach the fabric, I use a hot glue gun and used a metal ruler to smooth the glue against the fabric. This helps prevent the glue from clumping. Also, the glue is extremely hot, and I would not recommend touch it, even through the fabric. It will burn…. Trust me, I know.

I do feel like there was some room for improvement when it comes to the edges of the fabric, I probably should have left flaps to have extra covers around those inner corners.

Then, I wrapped the fabric around the outside of the box following the same edge. I continued to use my hot glue and metal ruler technique all the way around the box. When I got to the other inside edge, I cut the fabric along the corner to get a flush fold.

And then it was time for the remaining to edges. This felt kinds of like wrapping a present that was becoming more and more complicated as time went on. For the edges, I cut the fabric to leave and overhand around the exterior corner of the box.

The remaining fabric was sized to the remaining edge with a little extra around the sides. I then glued down the edges of the fabric to hide them from being visible. And lastly, I glue the fabric over the side and down into the center.


Placing the Bottom

I had two different thoughts about what I could do for the bottom. Option One was to find a piece of carboard in the same shape of the bottom of the box and cover it in cloth. This would create a removable solution.

Option Two was to put to put a piece of cloth along the bottom that has been edged. Option Three was to put a piece of paper along the bottom. While I liked Option One the most, I didn’t have the have cardboard to work in the section, so I decided to use paper on the bottom to even out the edges.

I used a thick cardstock solution which is normally used for framing photographs. I find the strangest things in my closet. Not a perfect solution but it’ll work.


Adding Accessories

The last step that I wanted to do was add a handle to the project. I thought that adding grommets for the handle entrance. I don’t really want to go in depth to explain how to attach a grommet but let me say, it does take a lot of hammering. And I learned a pretty valuable lesson.

I threaded some of the twine through the grommets and braided it to create my handle before threading it through the other side and securing it. I debated on whether I should do one or two handles and I ultimately decided to go with one. If I’m using this for storage, only one side will be accessible anyway.


This project was fun but and was a relatively easy project. Definitely doable in an evening. I think there was some refinement I could have done on the project but overall, it turned out well.


Surfaces and Hammering

When hammering down on something, always be aware of the surface your hammering on. For example, if your desk is made of particle board – there is a good chance you will hammer right into it and indent the table. Don’t… don’t ask me how I know this. I recommend putting down a hard flat surface on top of your table to distribute the impact.

Quick Recipe

Cardboard Box Revamp

Prep Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour


  • 1 Metal Ruler
  • 1 Hot Glue Gun


  • 1 Cardboard Box
  • 1 Swatch Fabric enough to surround the cardboard box
  • Twine
  • Painter Tape or something similar
  • Hot Glue
  • 2 Grommets optional
  • 1 Piece Paper Cardstock


  • Prep box as needed.
  • Using hot glue, attach the fabric along the long inner edge of the cardboard box. Start along the inside bottom of the box.
  • Carefully wrap the fabric around the edge of the box until all surfaces are covered except for two edges. There should be excess fabric around the remaining uncovered edges.
  • Cut the fabric to cover the exterior corners and have a strip remaining to cover the remaining uncovered edges.
  • Cut a piece of heavy cardstock to the shape of the bottom of the box and lay in place – securing with hot glue.
  • Using a grommet kit, install two grommets on the front face of the box to allow for a handle.
  • Thread the twine through the grommets and braid the twine to create the handle. Thread through the other grommet and secure.

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