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October Bullet Journal: Vaporeon Edition

There’s a chill in the air and we have passed through the autumnal equinox to get to my favorite month of the year: October! For October, I felt like Vaporeon was the perfect Eevee for the month. Maybe because we see a decent amount of water maybe turning into snow in October. Cleveland in as weird place. But this month also means that start of the Halloween season and I am ready to dive in!!

Check out the Craft section of MCG for other bullet journal designs or more unlimited ideas. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and what type of bullet journal you do!

I’m looking forward to some of the holidays this month! A few I want to highlight are:

  • 01st – World Vegetarian Day
  • 04th – National Taco Day
  • 05th – Do Something Nice Day
  • 06th – National Noodle Day
  • 10th – World Mental Health Day
  • 14th – National Dessert Day
  • 16th – Cat Day
  • 17th – National Pasta Day
  • 25th – National Art Day
  • 31st – Halloween 🎃🎃

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