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Stationfall Unboxing

I finally got Stationfall! I could not be more excited. However, I was so excited that I forgot to set up my microphone correctly and now I’m suck with a lot of videos that doesn’t really have good audio. Which left me wondering; what do I do now? Well, let’s go with weird audio!


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:24 Unboxing
  • 09:01 Organization  

Organizing the box

subtitle one

Stationfall does come with an insert but I don’t like it so I almost immediately came up with another solution. This was especially needed since I didn’t want to keep the components in bags, and I had the 3D character models expansion. To fit everything in one box, some changes needed to be made.

The most drastic thing I did was cutting apart the insert. I love how the Stationfall logo was printed on the insert, and it had a space for the Project X monster but that was the extent of what I liked. Cutting out this section felt a bit like a no brainer.

For all the chit board, I use a small crafts storage case ( from Michaels because I’ve found this is my favorite organizational tray. I have used this tray for several other games. It does come with a hanging tab on it but that is super easy to cut off.

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