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Knitted Lace Ribbon

Knitted lace is a great method for making a delicate ribbon which can be used for other crafts and décor!

I had an idea: make a lace ribbon. But I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about this challenge. I have seen crochet being used to make lace, I have seen a needle method (that I have never tried) to make lace, and then there was my comfort zone of knitting. So, I picked my comfort zone of knitting.

Knitting itself wasn’t going to give me the challenge I wanted though! So, my next thought was, what if I change the material that I use to knit with? This led me to think of knitting with embroidery thread. It is more delicate than yarn so it would fit perfectly with the lace feeling. And I had no idea how it would knit since I haven’t used it to knit before!

I got to knit with embroidery thread, very small needles, and a pattern. And then I got to work making a lace ribbon. I think the end results turned out beautifully!

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This project did not need many supplies, which makes it great for a quick and easy knitting project.

  • (2) US Size 2 needles
  • Embroidery Thread, any color
  • Embroidery needle, for finishing edges


Making a lace ribbon is very simple, so I am not breaking it out into parts. I used one pattern stitch: openwork on an angle. The stitch consists of knitting, purling, knitting 2 stitches together, wrapping the yarn over, and slipping stitches. Nothing too complicated but when you put them together, the result pattern turns out great!

I ended up repeating the eight-row pattern until I had made a lace ribbon that was eight and a half inches long. This length of ribbon was needed for a different project (stay tuned!). I then used the embroidery needle to weave in the ends of the yarn. I also decided to use an iron to flatten out the ribbon. Curling can be a serious problem when it comes to knitting.


Knitting with the embroidery thread didn’t prove to be too much of a challenge but it did have some difficulties. The embroidery thread is not as tightly woven as the yarn that I am used to using. I would often end up slipping the needle through the thread and causing it to split. Which is not what I wanted. But, so long as I paid attention, the creation process was uneventful. And I really like the results for the lace ribbon (if I hadn’t made that obvious already).


Dealing with Lost Stitches

Somewhere in this project, I ended up losing a stitch and was not able to find it. Until I finished the project. Then I saw that obvious loop right in the middle of the project. Next step was figuring out how to secure it.

I took a piece of embroidery thread and passed it through the loop, pulling the loop into the lace and hiding it from the face of the ribbon. Then I knotted the thread together and sewed the edges into the lace, essentially hiding and securing the ribbon in one go.

Quick Recipe

Knitted Lace Ribbon

Knitted lace is a great method for making a delicate ribbon which can be used for other crafts and décor!


  • 2 US Size 2 Needles
  • 1 Embroidery Needle


  • Embroidery Thread any color


  • CO13
  • Row 1 – K2, YF, K3, slip 1 knit wise, K2tog, Pass Slipped St, K3, YF, K2
  • Row 2 – Purl all sts
  • Row 3 – K3, YF, K2, slip 1 knit wise, K2tog, Pass Slipped St, K2, YF, K3
  • Row 4 – Purl all sts
  • Row 5 – K4, YF, K1, slip 1 knit wise, K2tog, Pass Slipped St, K1, YF, K4
  • Row 6 – Purl all sts
  • Row 7 – K5, YF, slip 1 knit wise, K2tog, Pass Slipped St, YF, K5
  • Row 8 – Purl all sts
  • Repeat 8 rows until desired length is reached. BO13


  • CO – Cast On
  • K – Knit
  • K2tog – Knit 2 Together
  • St(s) – Stitch(es)
  • YF – Yarn Forward

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