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S2E9: Reading Rulebooks – Mansions of Madness

Reading Rulebooks is a podcast dedicated to reading through rulebooks and teaching games! In this podcast I directly read the rulebook as well as discuss the game and try to clear up potential areas of confusion.

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This week we are going to cover the rules for Mansions of Madness Second Edition. Mansions of Madness is a game designed by Nikki Valens and is illustrated by Cristi Balanescu, Yoann Boissonnet, Anders Finer, Tony Foti, et. al. The game is published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Expansions include Recurring Nightmares: Figure and Tile Collection (2016), Suppressed Memoires: Figure and Tile Collection (2016), What Lies Within (2016), Beyond the Threshold: Expansion (2017), Streets of Arkham: Expansion (2017), Dark Reflections (2017), Sanctum of Twilight: Expansion (2018), Horrific Journeys: Expansions (2018), Altered Fates (2018), and Path of the Serpent: Expansion (2019) 


00:00 Introduction

00:20 The House on the Hill

05:04 Game Overview & Components

07:13 Setup

10:45 Investigator Phase

21:16 Mythos Phase

23:21 Winning the Game

25:40 Additional Rules

46:01 MCG Thoughts

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