Deep Dives

Lizard Cult Guide

Ah, my dear lizard cult. These little weirdos are a beloved faction with a lot of losses under their belts. The lizard cult has an opaque scoring system which tends to have them behind on victory point track. We have seen a lot more flexibility for the lizard cult with the introduction of Advanced Setup or AdSet (the new setup cards that were included in the Marauders Expansion). This flexibility gives the lizards a lot more room to operate and become the true cult they were destined to be.

Craft, Fabric, Yarn

Sewing Needle Guide

Recently, I went to purchase some sewing needles for my sewing machine. I quickly became confused with all of the options in front of me. What were all these numbers? What did they mean? Which one should I choose? I had a lot of questions and very few questions. So I decided to the most reasonable thing I could think of. Go in depth! I wanted answers and this post is the result of what I found out.

Deep Dives

Keepers in Iron Guide

The Keepers in Iron (nicknamed badgers through the rest of this guide) are a tough but fun faction to learn and master. This faction is a continuous learning process. The more practice you have, the better you understand the faction and adapt to the board state. Badgers have a lot of flexibility, and this guide will help you learn which options you should consider when making strategic decisions. They are very rewarding when you have gained an understanding of how badgers play.