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Bauble Wreath

The space over our mantle place felt quite lonely since we moved into the new house. And with the Christmas season upon us, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out a new project: a bauble wreath!!

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Once the idea popped into my head, I could not get it out. But I didn’t know how to go about making a bauble wreath so the research began.

I found that there is two ways to make a bauble wreath. One is to thread the baubles on a metal wire of sorts, the other is to get a foam wreath and slather on a LOT of glue using a hot glue gun. And I will never pass up an opportunity to use a hot glue gun. The only downside to this project is the baubles I used shed quite a bit of glitter

For this project I used:

  • Floracraft Craftfoam Extruded Wreath White
  • Red 8 pc Glass Ornament Set by Ashland
  • Assorted Silver & White Plastic Ball Ornament Tube by Ashland (I used 5 tubes of the large ornaments and 8 of the small)
  • White & Silver Ornament Deluxe Filler Mix by Ashland (2)
  • Green, Red & Silver Ornament Deluxe Filler Mix by Ashland (2)


Once I gathered all of the materials, the first step was to prep the baubles. I started with the largest baubles (Red 8 pc Glass Ornament Set & large size of the Assorted Silver & White Plastic Ball Ornament Tube). Either using my hands or a pair of pliers, I removed the cap from the bauble.

This should be done because it can get in the way of a good finish. For these large baubles, I pushed the top step into the foam to give the bauble a nice snug fit. The next step is: hot glue!! This wasn’t the most precise or cleanest process but it works well. And the baubles stay firm on the foam wreath once the glue has dried.

Due to the amount of baubles that I had, I decided to move around the wreath in a Red, white/silver, white/silver pattern. You’ll want to work in a continuous circle as to avoid making an extra large gaps. I chose to put my first round closer to the outside rim, but this can be done anywhere depending on how many baubles you want inside and outside your main line.

As I worked around the edge, I found that I had a space for three baubles between two of the red baubles instead of the normal two. I decided to do a white/silver, red, white/silver finish to make it a special focal area.

After the main ring was complete, I has some left over large baubles so I decided to place them along the inner ring as that’s where the foam was the most visible. The next step was to use the smaller baubles (the size of the Assorted Silver & White Plastic Ball Ornament Tube) to fill in the spaces on the inner ring and the outer ring.

This is the step that covered a decent amount of the foam wreath. In this step, the bauble still are only touching the ring and each others sides. Lastly, I used the balls from the filler mix to fill in any gaps between baubles. These bauble were attached to the other baubles.

It’s important to be careful with the hot glue placement in this step as you don’t want glue visible on the outside. Also, it is very easy to go overboard with the little baubles but make sure to keep the large baubles the most protruded point on the wreath.

And with that, the Wreath is finished and ready to be hung!! I used a command strip to hand the wreath as I love their ease of use for decorations. Mine fit perfectly over the mantle and the red and green match the colors of the rest of our holiday decorations!

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