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Knitting Needle Holder – Small

I was rifling through my knitting needles to find the pair I needed and with one small, unintended movement – the needle scattered all over the floor. And that’s when I thought, there has to be a better solution.

This project is going to be split into two parts: a small holder which focuses on storage for double pointed knitting needles and a large knitting needle for my pairs and circular needles. Today, we’re looking at the small knitting needle holder.

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To start, this project uses 2 different types of fabric that needs to be cut in several different square shapes. For the fabric that will be on the outside, the square needed are: 8×6, 8×3, 9×5, and 9×2. The inside fabric will only need one 8×9 square. Also needed is one separating zipper, it’s very important that it separates otherwise the design will not work.

The stitch work on this pattern will be visible so it’s important to choose colors carefully! The first part we are going to sew it the front pouch (9×5) to the inside lining (8×9). I am making this so it has 9 pockets because I have 9 different sets of double pointed knitting needles. I will admit that I can’t resist a deal on needles when I see them. The pouch ends up having a visible seam so I did a sewn finish on that edge as well as a sewn finish on the exposed edge of the inside top flap. Also, to hold the fabric properly in place used a lot of needles. But I think it turned out well.

The next step will be to properly place the top flap (9×2) to the inner lining. This will help keep the needles in place where everything is said and done. I definitely did not realize why this was so important in design until I accidentally turn the holder over and needles went flying everywhere. Design is not my strong suit but everything can be done through trial and error!

Now onto the outside, one side of the zipper will be attached between the 8×6 square and the 8×3, making this a 8×9 sheet. Zipper placement is very important on this part so it’s good to double or triple check to make sure everything is sewn properly.

For this I put the hard edge 8×6 square with a finished edge on top of the zipper edge and then had the other 8×3 sheet sewn underneath it. This created a really nice seamless transition between the two pieces of fabric and the zipper.

The last machine sewing to be done is putting the two 8×9 sheets together with the good side facing each other, the sheets will be sewn together. The other side of the zipper should also be sewn in, this will be on the long side, 6 inches away from the other half of the zipper.

I would highly recommend placing the second half of the zipper and holding to together with needles. Then open the two sides to make sure it is placed correctly. It took me several tries to get this correct (embarrassingly enough). Then the remaining edges are sewn together, leaving a small opening of unsewn fabric so it can but turned inside out. I like to trim all of the edges down to give a nicer finish before flipping the fabric. I had a little trouble sewing the zippers into bother ends of the fabric so be very mindful of their positions.

Then turn inside out and do a hidden stitch to close up the hole. And done! I do love this small knitting needle holder because it’s compact and conveniently stores all of my double pointed needles.

These are available on the MakeCraftGame Etsy with a variety of colors! If you like this post, be on the look out for the large version of this bag which will be coming soon!

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