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Pocket Handwarmers

Handwarmers are easy to make and a must have for those who have poor circulation in their hands!

Total Project Time: 30 minutes

After sewing some bigger projects, I often have a lot of scrap fabric let over that feels too small to do anything with. And then it hit me. Why not make handwarmers? I am someone who always complains that it’s cold and will sleep with two or three blankets at night. And, unfortunately, my hands are no exception. Whenever I am typing or using my hands, I often feel that the circulation in my fingers becomes nearly non-existent. I have watched my fingers turn purple! So, why not combine my fabric scraps to make something that will help keep my hands warm?

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Very few supplies are needed for this project. I like to cut out a template so I made a 9 cm by 9 cm square from cardstock paper. This was just to help ensure that all of the projects would be the same size. For the fabric, you just need two pieces that are a little over this size. Feel free to mix and match, having different fabrics for each side or not even making a matching set. (Clearly one is needed for each hand though).


The process requires some machine sewing and some hand sewing. We’ll start with the machine sewing first. Since I am not confident about doing straight stitch-work, I tend to draw the sewing lines on the project itself. I only drew on one side because you only need to sew once! The big thing to remember here is that you don’t want to create a fully closed square. Make sure to leave some room to turn the project right side out!

The edges of the piece should be trimmed before the project is turned to have its right side facing out. I like to leave a decently long tail on the project because it gives me more wiggle room later on. Then it’s time to fill the sacks with rice! I like using rice for the insides of handwarmers because I feel it is more flexible and easier to use. For this size handwarmer, I used about 3/4 cup to 1 cup rice. Once full of rice, the handwarmer should be closed up with a hidden stitch.

And now it’s ready for use! These should be heated in the microwave for no longer that 45 seconds. If you go over, you’ll start to get a cooked rice smell and they will be unbearably hot. Not necessarily a bad thing but I’ve found that 45 seconds is the perfect amount of time!


Rice, Rice, Everywhere

Rice is small, messy and has a habit of getting everywhere. So the first time I tried to pour the rice into a cloth hole turned out to be a disaster. The table was covered in rice and I’m pretty sure I will be finding more of it in the weeks to come. So after that, I got a funnel. But I did notice that when I dumped all the rice in at once, the funnel would get easily clogged. The slow pour turned out to be the fastest method.

Quick Recipe


  • Trace desired shape for handwarmer.
  • Sew along traced lines, leaving a 1 to 2 inch section unsewn. Trim edges.
  • Turn project right side out.
  • Fill will approximately 3/4 cup to 1 cup of rice.
  • Close using a hand sewn hidden stitch.

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