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Sea Glass Charm

Sea glass charms are great as an accessory for your keychain or as a pendant for a necklace. This beautiful glass can be used for so many things.

Total Project Time: 10 – 20 minutes

Living close to the lake, I often found sea glass when roaming the sandy beaches of Ohio. I guess it really should be called Lake glass since it came from Lake Erie! Sea glass is the result of broken glass getting tumbled by the water and round the edges of the glass. While I adore sea glass, I very much dislike the number of broken bottles that go into the lake to get it. I find sea glass a treasure, but you are not recycling by throwing your bottles into the lake!!

So effectively, I have a collection of beautiful trash and I am going to celebrate it even more! This time, I decided to make charms out of the sea glass by wrapping it in metal. This holds the sea glass in place and gives a loop to hang the sea glass. I like to use it as a charm on my keychain or as a necklace pendant but I’m sure there is plenty more you can do!

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For this project, I gathered the following supplies and tools:

  • Sea glass
  • Metal Wire – I used a thin metal wire, but a thick metal wire can be used as well
  • Jewelers Plier Set
  • Liquid glue


I did this process in two ways:

  1. Starting the metal wrap in the middle of the sea glass
  2. Starting and ending the wrap at the metal loop


Starting the Wrap

For the wrap that starts in the middle of the sea glass, I had to do a couple of extra steps at the beginning to make it work. I wanted the metal to look nice against the glass, so I started by wrapping the metal into a circle. The pliers were a godsend during this step as it helped me work on a relatively small scale! I was nervous about the loop sticking to the sea glass which led me to use a small drop of glue to keep the metal fastened in place.

For the wrap that starts and ends with the loop, I created the loop first. The metal was looped over and twisted until the loop reached the desired size. This method is a lot simpler than the method in the section above.


Wrapping the Metal

No matter which method you use, wrapping the metal is done in a fairly similar way. I held the end in place (even if it was glued, some tension release never hurts), and wrapped the metal wire around the glass. I tended to start my wrap in the area that farthest away from where my loop is or will be. This allows me to lead the other end of the wire back up to the right location.


Closing the Loop

The last step of the project is to close out the loop and make it so there is no loose wire around the project. The two different processes have two difference approaches to this step. The first process brings the wire end to the top of the project and loop now needs to be made. For this, I held the wire in place and folded it to create the desired loop. I wanted an extra tail for this method because I needed to then anchor it to the wire that had been wrapped around the sea glass. With the tail, I found a spot on the wire that I could tuck in under and then wrap around. This helped anchor the loop and create a stable setting.

The second process is, again, much similar than the previous method. For this step, I brought the tail of the wire up to the already created loop and just begun to twist it around. This completely secured the wrap, and the piece was completed!


Metal wrapped sea glass charms are and extremely beautiful way to celebrate and recycle these pieces of glass. It’s also extremely easy to craft! This is definitely a project I will continue to do and if you want a charm, check out this link or look under the handmade section of my store


Treating Sea Glass

Sea glass naturally has a chalky sort of look to it from years of exposure to the water.  This could be from either mineral in the water or just a lack of moisture that the glass has grown accustomed to. While some might like this weathered look, others might want a shiny surface. To get a shiny surface on sea glass, polishing it with baby oil will do the trick!

Quick Recipe

Sea Glass Charms

Active Time18 minutes
Total Time18 minutes


  • Sea Glass
  • Metal Wire I used a thin metal wire, but a thick metal wire can be used as well
  • Jewelry Plier Set
  • Liquid Glue


  • Polish Sea Glass (if desired)

If Using the Visible Metal End Method

  • Create a circular design with the metal wire on one end
  • Fasten the end to the sea glass (potentially using glue if needed)
  • Wrap wire around the sea glass
  • Fold over the end to create a loop, twist wire to solidify loop. Twist tail around one layer of the wire wrap tosecure

If Using the No Visible End Method

  • Fold over the end to create a loop, twist wire to solidify loop.
  • Place the twist against the back of the sea glass and wrap the wire around the sea glass.
  • Fasten the other end by wrapping it around the base of the loop.

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