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Knitted Stars

Knitted stars can be the perfect accent for a room or hanging decoration for your walls and ceiling!

Total Cooking Time: 2 hours

It’s been a while since I knitted in the round so I decided to challenge myself my making knitted stars! I love the way the stars look and their versatility. They look beautiful when hung alone and stunning when hung in a group. Or you could just have the live among your pillows. Or you could make a very large one that can fit any need you want! The pattern for my knitted stars is available in the MCG store!

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For this project I used the following material:

  • (6) US Size 3 Double-Pointed Needles
  • 1 Skien of Yarn, black or any color really
  • Polyester Fiber

I used size 3 needles for this project because I was attempting to make something small. The size three creates a smaller stitch size so it creates a finished product that is small but holds a lot of stitched knitted tightly together.



The Front

There are two main sections to creating a star, the front and the back. I started out by spreading my knitting over five different needles over the course of two different rows. Since row was ended up being tiny, I ended up using three needles for the row and shift to five needles for the second row.

I basically knitted the front up until the star was the size that I wanted to be. The project looked a little funny because of how the increase stitch effected it. You would think that the points would be between the needles. Nope! I had little nubs poking out from the center of each row.


The Back

The back kind of mimics the front except it hands a decrease stitch instead of an increase stitch. I found this to be a lot easier than the front because I didn’t feel like I was working against the yarn. It didn’t mind being decreased as much as it minded pulling new stitched out of nowhere.


I really enjoyed this project. It turned out to be a very quick project that was easy to accomplish while just enjoying a night on the couch or a medium length road trip. I did find some of the stitch work to be a little fiddlier than I’m used to, so I believe this to be more of an intermediate pattern.


Knitting in the Round

Knitting in the round is a great was to knit. I’ve always held it in my mind that crocheting is using one needle while knitting is using two or more. And there really isn’t an upper limit on that more end of the scale. (Although there are some projects that might seem completely unreasonable).

Knitting in the round basically describes casting on a project and, instead of turning the project for the next row, the first stitch of the row is used to continue the project. This joins the two ends of the project and creates the circular effect. For projects like this, there is no knitting done on the “wrong side”


For the full pattern, check out the printables section on the MCG store!

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