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Candy Corn Plushie

A Sewn Candy Corn Plushie is a quick project which is really cute as a decoration around the house!

I wanted to add some more Halloween decorations around the house, and I thought that a candy corn plushie was the perfect addition! This plush was extremely easy to make as it only required a bit of fabric and thread.

The eyes can add some complications but I’m lucky enough to have a sewing machine that will do it for me. But even without eyes, this plushie is a great addition to any Halloween décor. The kitty likes it too!

I’m still debating putting this one in my store, if you’re interested leave a comment! Check out the Craft section of MCG for more fun patterns in forever fabrics or more unlimited ideas.


For this project, I gathered the following:

  • 2 swatches (6-inches by 3-inches) yellow minky fabric
  • 2 swatches (6-inches by 3-inches) orange minky fabric
  • 2 swatches (6-inches by 3-inches) black or white minky fabric
  • Black thread
  • Polyester Fiber Fill

Minky fabric is a fantastic fabric for plushies, but the fabric does tend to shed everywhere. You have been warned.


Sewing Swatches

The first step for this project is to sew together the swatches to create the large swatch striped fabric. The biggest issue that I have with this pattern is that I do end up wasting a bit of fabric. But I’d rather have extra than not enough and need to cut more.

For the stripes, I did black then orange then yellow to create a classic candy corn look. I know white is more classic, but I didn’t have white, so I ended up using black instead. Sewing the “right” sides of the fabric facing each other is imperative for this project.

Not going to lie, a part of me got confused when on adding the third stripe. But that’s just because my brain had a moment. Repeat this step to get two sets of stripped fabrics.

Adding the Eyes

This step is completely optional. If you don’t want you candy corn plushie to have a face, skip this entire step.

I was a little intimidated about adding the eyes to the project even if I had the cheat of my sewing machine. I set up some circles and just pulled the trigger. The embroidery went smoothly but I do wish I had placed the eyes a little lower.


I decided to sew the mouth by hand. Which may be obvious by the off-center smile. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to admit that. It was a stylistic choice. Yup. 100%. Even though the face was a little high, it’s still really cute.

Only one swatch of fabric has embroidery while keeping the other side blank.

finishing the plushie

To create the final plushie, the two swatches were placed aligned with the “right” sides facing each other. I outlined the candy corn shape with a fabric marker to help guide my sewing. I also pinned the fabric together to hold everything in place.

Then it is on to sewing. All of the edges were sewn except for a small section on the bottom of the plush. This was to make sure there was a place to turn the project right side out. I trimmed down the edge fabric to keep the seams from being lumpy.

Pinking Shears have become my new best friend when it comes to sewing. They have really helped keep my project together. After trimming the candy corn plushie, the project was pulled inside out and stuffed.

I used a polyester fiber fill and the scraps that I cut off of the project. Eh, if you’re going to waste it anyway, might as well use it as filling! Then, using a hidden stitch, I closed up the bottom to create this candy corn plushie!


This was a fun project that helped me get back into sewing. The project was extremely easy and did not take that much time. The biggest annoyance is that minky fabric shed like crazy. There were fabric bits everywhere from the fabric being cut. But once the project was complete, no make scraps and all that’s left is an adorable plushie!


What is Minky Fabric?

Minky fabric is made from 100% polyester fibers. The fabric can come in different weights and pile heights. The pile height refers to the plushy, fur-like texture on the top side of the fabric. This type of fabric is sometimes referenced as cuddly fabric and is often used to make plushies.

Quick Recipe

Candy Corn Plushie

A Sewn Candy Corn Plushie is a quick project which is really cute as a decoration around the house!
Active Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour
Yield: 1 Plushie


  • 2 swatches yellow minky fabric 6 inches by 3 inches
  • 2 swatches orange minky fabric 6 inches by 3 inches
  • 2 swatches white or black minky fabric 6 inches by 3 inches
  • black thread
  • polyester fiber fill


  • Sew together a swatch of the black (or white) fabric to the orange fabric. Sew the yellow fabric to the opposite edge of the orange fabric. Each stripe should be approximately 2 inches or larger. Repeat on the second set of swatches.
  • On one swatch, embroider eyes and a mouth as desired (Optional)
  • Place the right sides of the fabric together and outline the candy corn shape. Sew along the edge leaving a section unsewn. Trim sewn edges.
  • Pull the project through the unsewn section and fill with a polyester fiber fill. Use a hidden stitch to close up the project.

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