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3D Flower Box

A 3D Flower Box is the perfect way to preserve fake flowers in a fun design.

Well… a little while ago, I got married. Which left me with a large number of flowers as a result. I had to figure out what I wanted to do with them and one idea that popped into my mind is a 3D flower box.  

The 3D flower Box allows me to do two things. One – create a fun and cute (but simple) design with the flowers. Two – preserve the flowers in a sealed box to prevent any damages.  

I know that fake flowers do not wither but that does not mean that they will stay the same forever. They can be crushed and exposure to light and air can affect the color and shape. Especially these one since they are made of root shavings and not a poly-base plastic.

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The supplies I needed for this project are simple. I used;

  • 1 Shadow Box
  • 1 Hot Glue Gun (plus hot glue)
  • Card Stock, same color as the flowers
  • Imitation Flowers


Creating the Design

First, I cut the paper down to the proper size. I wanted it to be the same size as the back of the shadow box that I was using. The next step was figuring out what shape I wanted the final piece to be in. For a 3D flower box, I could just have the flowers in a random pattern, or I could create something.

I decided to make a S because that is the first letter of his last name. I thought it would a cute way to use the flowers and remember the wedding at the same time. I did use a pencil to create the outline that I wanted to fill.

S’s are a hard letter for me to draw so I knew that free-handing this project would not be an option.

Filling it with Flowers

After I had the outline drawn, I started putting the flowers on the paper. I used hot glue because it is my favorite adhesive. I don’t know why; I just cannot get away from using it. I decided to put on color inside of the shape and another color on the outside.

It took me a while to decide where the blue would go and where the orange would go. But I thought the blue on the inside looked nice… The last step was putting the piece inside of the frame which is where I ran into a problem.

What if the flowers went over the edges? Well… that is what happened. Some of the flowers extended beyond the edges of the frame. This translated to beyond the edges of the frame. I ended up just giving the flowers a slight push and setting it in place. But I don’t think it is ever going to come out.


This was a very easy project but a nice way to preserve the flowers from my wedding. Making something like this into art makes it easy to control and display which is a plus. I still have more flowers so I am curious how I will use the rest of them! 


Using Protection

A hot glue gun can do damage to skin if you are not careful. Wearing gloves is a good way to protect your hands from getting burns since it can reduce the potential for contact.

Quick Recipe

3D Flower Box

A 3D Flower Box is the perfect way to preserve fake flowers in a fun design.
Active Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes


  • 1 Shadow Box
  • 1 Hot Glue Gun plus hot glue
  • Card Stock same color as the flowers
  • Imitation Flowers


  • Cut the card stock to be the same size as the back of the shadow box.
  • Draw design shape on the card stock, lightly using a pencil. Erase all unnecessary lines.
  • Using hot glue, attach flowers to the card stock in the design desired. Make sure the edges of the flowers are within the border of the card stock.
  • Place card stock in the shadow box.

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