Celebrating Animal Crossing New Horizon!

I was going to make a gameday post today but a huuuuuge update came out from animal crossing so that’s basically my entire plan for the day. So today’s post is a celebration of animal crossing!

I absolutely love that animal crossing is it is very self aware. I had a moment with Biskit that was one of the biggest highlights of the game. He knows the truth. He wants to delude himself to make more sense out of our lives. But still, this game is brilliant and I am super excited for even more content.

I want to take a quick moment to praise Animal Crossing for being so open to whatever the players want. I once accidentally gifted a dress to one of my male villagers. He immediately tried it on and was absolutely in love with it. While the situation was a total accident, I love how positive this game is. Breaking gender norms was immediately embraced. Which is awesome. ❤

In the last big animal crossing update, Pascal was added to the party. He shows up when you find a scallop. Not only does he give you a gift in exchange, but also drops some wisdom. The deep kind. Going through my gallery I found that I enjoyed these posts so much that I took a screenshot of quite a few of them! Welp, I’m going to go play more and enjoy this new update. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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