Reading Rulebooks

Reading Rulebooks Episode Eight – Bullet ♡

Reading Rulebooks is a podcast dedicated to reading through rulebooks and teaching games! In this podcast I directly read the rulebook as well as discuss the game and try to clear up potential areas of confusion.

This week we are going to cover the rules for Bullet ♡. Bullet ♡ is a game designed by Joshua Van Laningham and is illustrated by Collateral Damage Studios, Sebastian Koziner, Usanekorin, and Davy Wagnarok. The game is published by Level 99 Games.


00:00 MCG Intro | Game Overview

03:14 Heroines

05:14 Key Concepts (Bullets | Patterns | Powerups | Intensity | Center and Current Bags)

06:56 Setup

08:30 Gameplay | Option Phase

16:15 Gameplay | End Phase

17:20 Gameplay | Cleanup Phase

17:53 Game End

19:16 Additional Modes

21:41 Additional Mode | Boss Battle

28:41 Frequently Asked Questions

30:07 Heroine Lore

46:20 MCG Thoughts

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