2021 Bullet Journal, Craft, Paper Artist

August Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling is a great way to keep track of your to-dos and add your own personality in the ways that you track things

Total Project Time: : ~One Hour

I’m back! Sort of! Hopefully! July ended up being an absolutely crazy month for me with a lot of surprises. And, honestly, some scary situations. I have never been in a surgery room as a patient before – and it made me nervous.

So in that vain, I decided to model my August bullet journal after the stars and the dreams so often attached to them. The stars feel so beautiful especially in the summer although the humid heat of Cleveland can make outside a bit uncomfortable.

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Like every month, I am trucking on with my Habit and Mood Tracker pages. Since I recently changed my calendar layout to a square forward design, I decided I wanted my habit tracker to also reflect that. The star theme really lends itself well to being a mood tracker spread. I love the constellation line look. They just look so good!! 🙂

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