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Square Earbud Pouch

A sewn square earbud holder is a perfect way to organize headphones or keep you earbuds attached to your keys!

Total Project Time: 30 minutes

I sorted out all my cords previously in my post on the Tin Series. But one thing was left out of the organization: my earbuds. It felt weird putting multiple earbuds into one tin, I feel like they would somehow get tangled even in that small space. I wanted to create a holder for each of my earbuds to keep them organized. Having each holder be able to go onto a keychain or my keys allows a lot of flexibility for whichever set I want to use.

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I didn’t need much fabric for this project which makes it a great project to use scraps on! One type of fabric was used for the outside, one for the inside, and a zipper. I did decide to do a visible thread stitch so the color of the thread matters. But that just depends on what aesthetic you’re going for!

For shaping, the inside fabric and outside fabric into the following pieces: A square the desired size (one of each type of fabric). A triangle that is half the desire size (two of each type of fabric).



Prepping Each Side

This project is pretty flat so there is only the front and the back. The side with the zipper is what I refer to as the front. I thought that placing the zipper at a diagonal would be visually interesting, but it also made everything a lot more complicated. I worked on each half of the zipper separately, sandwiching the useful part of the zipper between a triangle of outside and inside fabric. The outside fabric should face the size of the zipper that will also be facing outside.

This step was then repeated on the other side of the zipper, and voila! That is the front side of the holder. The back side of the fabric is just layering the two square fabrics together. That’s it for the back.



Before sewing the two layered together, I added a small strap so the pouch could be attached to a keychain. To give it a clean look, I sewed a tube and turned it inside out. This is then folded in half and placed between the two layers of fabric with the fold facing the inside.

The two layers of fabric are sewn together with the inside fabric facing outside. This project has an exposed seam on the inside but it’s not really noticeable since the inside of the pouch is so small. As always, it’s important to keep the zipper slightly open to easily turn the project right side out.

I was accidentally working with too much fabric so even less fabric is needed for this project! I trimmed the fabric with pinking shears because I expect a lot of movement against these seams, and I wanted to make the robust to the pouch longevity.



After I turned the project right side out, I felt like I didn’t like the way it looked. It was poufy. This is when I decided to do a visible stitch edging to flatten the project out. I really love what the edge does to the project because it makes it look a lot cleaner. Looking back, I wish that I had also done this for the strap as well.  


Overall, I like how this project turned out, but I would definitely make some changes when I make more. Firstly, I don’t know if the zipper being diagonal really helps the piece. What is added in looked is reduced by the messiness of working at this angle. I don’t think I am skilled enough yet to pull this off. Secondly, I don’t think I like the placement of the strap. I would much rather have it on the side but still on the end of the zipper. 


Cutting a Zipper

I have always wondered how some projects incorporate zippers when they are none standard sizes. Well, if the project doesn’t require the zipper to be separated, you can really make a zipper work in anything. The important thing to remember when shortening a zipper is to sew the new end point. Sewing the zipper is really important because it make sure the zipper stays together and keeps it from becoming uneven or misaligned.

Quick Recipe

Square Earbud Pouch


  • Cut a strip of the outside fabric, sew to make a tube. Turn the tube right side out. Set aside.
  • Cut the inside fabric and outside fabric into the following pieces: A square the desired size (one of each type of fabric). A triangle that is half the desired size (two of each type of fabric).
  • On one side of the zipper sew a triangle of each fabric type with the fabric facing toward the right side of the zipper. Fold to turn fabric into the right orientation. Repeat with the other side of the zipper.
  • Layer the square cut outs with the inside fabric first then the outside fabric facing up. Fold the rub in half and lay the folded edge toward the center of the fabric in the desire position. Place the fabric with the zipper in the center face down onto the square fabric. Make sure the zipper is partially opened.
  • Sew around the edge to create the square pouch. Turn project right side out through the zipper.
  • Edge with decorative stitching as desired.

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