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Sewn Flat Pouch

This small rectangular pouch is great for holding miscellaneous items without them scattering around the inside of a bag or basket.

Total Project Time: 30 minutes

Sometimes when I’m packing, I discover I have a handful of objects that I want to take that don’t really fit well anywhere. I could put them in my backpack loose, but they will get scatter and become hard to find. This is especially true of knitting needles and charging cables. I didn’t really want to throw 8 different needles into the void of my backpack, so I decided to quickly stitch up a pouch to help me carry my tools. This was super easy to make and looks nice. I want to make more to help organize my bags in the future. It’s better than having my backpack turn into a black hole.

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There aren’t many supplies needed for this project. I used a fabric for the outside of the pouch, a fabric that would be used as a liner, a zipper, and thread.



Attaching the Zipper

The first step that I like to do for sewing projects with zippers is put the zipper in the right place. Since this pouch is flat, I decided to fold the fabric in half to create the shape of the bag. This dictated where my zipper would go. I put the zipper on the long side of the bag because it allowed for more flexibility with what I wanted to carry.

I placed the zipper with the usable edge facing internally between the two fabrics. The two fabrics also had their right sides facing each other. After the one edge was sewn in place, I turned the project and repeated the same process on the other long edge.


Sewing the Sides

Since this project was going to be a flat pouch, I decided to have visible seams on the inside of the project. I sewed the sides making sure that I had even spacing between the two. Measuring the spacing allows for a perfect square. It’s better to measure twice than have to redo the work! To finish the edges, I used pinking shears to prevent fraying. This is especially important on a project like this because a lot of objects will be touching those seams.


Everything in its Place

Then all that’s left is to flip the bag inside out and put it to use! Like an idiot, I forgot to unzip the bag before sewing it shut. I ended up opening the zipper from the inside. This is kind of difficult to do and I would not recommend it. 2/10. The pouch is turned inside out through the zipper. It’s really convenient when you remember to leave the zipper open.


This project was fast and easy to do! I might have moved a little too fast though. One major thing I forgot to add is a fabric loop near the zipper and I will definitely include that next time. Otherwise, I really like this project. It turned out well and was surprisingly sturdy considering the amount of things I shoved into it.


Why have a Fabric Loop?

With many of my projects, I like to add a fabric loop near the edge of my zipper. I do this because it offers some leverage when using the zipper. As the zipper pulls in one direction, the loop gives a strong anchor so the zipper and allows for the project to easily close.

Quick Recipe

Sewn Flat Pouch

Active Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes


  • 1 Pair of Pinking Scissors optional


  • 1 8 by 11 External Fabric approxiamte
  • 1 8 by 11 Liner Fabric approximate
  • 1 Zipper


  • Cut fabric into a large rectangle (approx. 11 inches by 8 inches)
  • Fold fabric in half. Along the open long edge, sew in one side of the zipper. Mirror on the opposite side.
  • Turn project so the zipper is on top, the outside fabric is facing in, and the lining is facing out. Lay as flat as possible and mark the edges of the pouch. Sew accordingly.
  • Using pinking shears, cut off excess fabric.
  • Turn project right side out. It’s ready to use!

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