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Diamond Knitted Scarf

Infinity scarves are great for comfort and warm without the risk of loose scarf ends!

Total Project Time: 6 hours

I know it’s late in the season for scarves, but it is never too early to start one for the next season, and this one does take a little time! I wanted to do a block pattern, circular scarf. But I also wanted the blocks to have some unity, so I decided to knit a diamond pattern into each of the large blocks.

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For this project, I used two different types of needles: 2 US6/4.00mm regular knitting needles and 1 US6/4.00 double sided knitting needle. For my scarf, I chose black for the color design, but any color really works so long as you have a full skein of yarn.


To purchase the full pattern, check out the link here!


The Cable Diamond Stitch

There are two major blocks that I used for making this scarf and the first is the cable diamond stitch. This is a woven cable stitch that has a little bit more effort than a classic cable stitch. A classic cable stitch swaps the stitch locations every so often. To get a diamond effect with the cabling, I had to swap the stitches on every row. This definitely felt like a more complicated cable, but the results are beautiful!!


The Lacy Diamond Stitch

The second major block was the lacy diamond stitch. This stitch involves strategic combining and adding stitches to make the holes in the pattern. I also tried to vary the pattern inside of the diamonds between a pure knit pattern and a flat pattern. I wanted to do this to make it visually interesting and have a variance of texture.


The Final Twist

The last thing I did after knitting the scarf was to connect together. This makes it truly circular. I wanted to make it a mobius strip so I did a twist when combining it. This twist prevents the scarf from laying flat but it continues forever so who can argue with that?!?


Overall, I think this scarf turned out really well! It took longer than I expected to knit because the pattern was intricate which means it took a considerable amount of my attention. The alternating patterns make the scarf very interesting while retaining warmth. I found 4 major blocks to be the perfect amount, but I could easily see wanting something longer (or even shorter). It’s a fun pattern than I’m fairly proud of!

Quick Recipe

To purchase the full pattern check out the link here or go to the printables section of the MCG Store!

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