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August Bullet Journal: Espeon Edition

What happened? Where did the time go? I cannot believe it is already August. I kind of don’t want to believe it… Why does time always fly by when I’m not looking? But am I still stoked about this month’s Eevee; Espeon! Espeon is one of the classic Eevees from generation two. I love this girls’ lack of mane and twin tails. The red jewel in the forehead is both cool and ominous.

Check out the Craft section of MCG for other bullet journal designs or more unlimited ideas.

I’m looking forward to some of the holidays this month! A few I want to highlight are:

  • 04th – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • 08th – International Cat Day
  • 10th – Lazy Day
  • 15th – National Relaxation Day
  • 18th – Women’s Suffrage
  • 23rd – National Sponge Cake Day
  • 24th – National Waffle Day
  • 30th – National Grief Awareness Day

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